Print Edition for the week of
May. 10 - 16, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 34

Savage Love

Spunk Daddy

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Ace Quiz, Win SIFF!

Hey Movie Dorks, Wanna Win a Full-Series Pass to the Seattle International Film Festival?

Surely You Joust

Extreme Knight Movie Balances Heath's Ledger

Adios, Buena Vista

Cuban Jazz Documentary Lets the Music Speak

This Week on TV


Certs-Sponsored IMAX Leaves Bad Taste

Movie Times

Film Shorts


Perfect, Aristocratic Soul

Bachir Attar Is a Master Musician

Bored and Beautiful

Placebo Is Still Pretty

Going Strong

The Go-Go's Find Their Inner Girls

Sinfully Easy

Couch Makes Instrumental Music Comfortable

Up & Coming

The Return of B-Rock

Praising the Lords of the Floor

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The Tiny Elite

Creepy Puppets and Architects of Air at Seattle Center

Theater Review Revue

An Azure Sky, an Appalachian Cave, and Ocean Waves

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Flat-Out Broke

The Life and Times of Terry Southern

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Should I Roast My Own Coffee?


Starvin' Artists

“It’s not about the money; it’s about the craft….The Stranger gets our favorite thespians together to reþect on the struggle, the love, and the glory of THEATER

Shedding the Uniform

Young Feminists Are as Different from One Another as They Are from Older Feminists

2001 Corporate Power Chart

The Stranger's Second Annual List of Swaggering Titans

Will You Be My Neighbor?

Sidran Should Sign the Same Agreement He Used to Harass Hiphop Clubs

Reverse Harassment

Cops Strike Back at Angry Citizen

Screwed Tenants

Landlord Tests Judy Nicastro's Right to Organize Ordinance

Almost Evicted from Paradise

More Trouble For New Club

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I Love Television

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Assbreath Lemonade

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Getting Paid For it

How Do Actors Pay the Rent?

Vaudevillians & Communists

A Brief History of Seattle Theater

Page to Stage

My Work—and My Life—as Theater

The Lion Queen

Allison Narver Returns to Seattle