Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 23 - 29, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 29

Savage Love

The Armed Forces


A Tale of Two Lawyers

Paul Giamatti Gets Happy, Ricardo Darín Gets Bloodied



Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules: It’s All Downhill from Here

I, Anonymous


Cement Surfboards and Occult Displays

Sic Alps' Mike Donovan Talks About Every Song on the Crazy-Good Napa Asylum

Made in Japan (and Detroit)

The Nomadic Sound of Akron/Family

Balls-Out Rock

The Evolution of Rabbits' Savage, Hare-Razing Sound

Up & Coming

Lose your earplugs every night this week!

Sound Check

Tit Pig: Reverse-Snuffed Genghis Khan

Data Breaker

Randy Jones, Frank Bretschneider, the Sight Below, and DJ Heather

Chuckletown, USA

Rory Scovel, Derek Sheen, and the Premier Expensive Genes Showcase

My Philosophy

The Late, Great Nate Dogg; Dyme Def; Talib Kweli


All-Ages Shows

It's a Hit

Jessie J's Seriously Annoying "Price Tag"

The Homosexual Agenda

Seven Weird Years of Comeback and a Rejigged Rocky Horror Show

Poster of the Week

Poster by Small Horse Studio


Relics Made of Spit and Rust

Degenerate Art Ensemble Installs Itself at the Frye Art Museum

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 23

Visual Art

Do the Right Thing First

How Not to Sit Alone and Cry About the Gallery Closings in Seattle


Trouble in Paradise

The Accidental Historian Explains How America Ate Hawaii

Food & Drink

Upstairs, Downstairs

Where to Sit and What to Eat at Madison Park Conservatory

Chow Bio

Max Kraushaar of Piecycle


Minutiae and Detritus from a Long Texas Weekend

A Bunch of Bullshit About South By

Green Zone: Our Cannabis-Powered Sports Page

BYU Keeps Scoring; the Sounders Haven't Scored Yet


The Problem Isn't Runaway Spending

Despite Right-Wing Rhetoric, Our State's Budget Problems Are Caused by Falling Tax Revenue

The Solution: Close Tax Loopholes

We're Giving Away $6.5 Billion in Tax Breaks This Year

Hostage Situation

Council President Screws a Blue-Collar Suburban Neighborhood

Last Days

The Week in Review


Dan Savage and Terry Miller

Degenerate Art Ensemble

Drag at Inay's

'in theater'

'Was the Return Easier Than the Getting Here?'

Toro Y Moi


Dim Sum at Duk Li

I Love Television

Viva La Olsen Difference!

Control Tower

How to Tell if You Rule as a Top

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week

Pentagram Patty!


Savage Love Episode 232