Print Edition for the week of
May. 17 - 23, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 35

Savage Love

Shit Happens

New Column!


Ace Quiz, Win Two VIP SIFF Passes!

Wanna Win TWO Full-Series Passes to the Seattle International Film Festival?

Sign Language

A Film Full of Wonders Advances the Art

Fractured Fairy Tale

Capitalist Tool Fulfills Forgotten Fantasy

This Week on TV

American Girls

Merchant Ivory Botches Another Henry James Adaptation

Movie Times

Film Shorts

I, Anonymous


Clean Living

Mark Lanegan's Low, Coarse Rumble

Dutch Babies

Could a Complicated Band Be Seattle's Next Big Thing?

What the Man Said

All We Are Saying is Give Paul a Chance

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CD Review Revue

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NW Top Twenty

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Buttrock Theater

The Unique Camp of Television Trailer Trash

Historical Swirlie

Tongue-Kissing and Meaty Chests

Bio: Theater

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Visual Art

Forced Evolution

Square Cows and Blobby Pigs

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The Real Thing

Amy Fusselman Rises Above the McSweeney's Shtick

Book Review Revue

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Top 10 Bestsellers

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Food & Drink

The Turf

Last Vestiges of Seedy First Ave


Last Chance High

The Seattle School District dumps the "worst of the worst" at a school in Green Lake. Good behavior is the only way out.

The Bums' Rush

The Skin Game

White High-School Kids Complain of Racial Harassment

Five TO Four

Radio Waves

On Eve of Seattle Convention, Popular Hosts Critical of Public Radio

The Beat Goes On

Seattle Black Bloc Protests Will Not Be Televised

Breakfast with Mark

There's a Republican Running for Mayor of Seattle, and it Looks Like He's Got a Chance

Vote Vera

All-Ages Club Seeks Additional Funding from City Hall


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Police Beat

The End of Poetry

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I Love Television

Super Friends are No Friends of Mine!

It's My Party

Blurry, Touchy, Feely

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