Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 30 - Apr. 5, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 30

Savage Love

Thank You

New Column!


Brutality, Oppression, and a Brain-Damaged Hippie

The Defining Sequence of Three Movies

Art House

Nostalgia for the Light

Hop: Parents Just Don’t Understand

I Saw the Devil: Stock up on Pepto!


Lindy Explains the Plot

I, Anonymous

Your Fatal Fantasy


Planet of the Tapes

The Incredible Life and Sounds of Studio Wiz Kearney Barton

Up & Coming

Lose your magic candy every night this week!

Sound Check

Reporter: Protogalactic Go-Go

Data Breaker

Mount Kimbie, Shigeto, Beats Antique, More

Cass McCombs's Wit's End: Don't Rent the Room, but Buy the Record

Tan Bajo por Dávila 666: No Tan Bueno Como el Primero, pero Vayan al Concierto de Todos Modos

Obits' Moody, Standard and Poor Tells You When You Have a Booger Hanging Out of Your Nose

Sing into Your Vacuum Cleaner with Shannon and the Clams' Sleep Talk


Spells, Pranks, and Skull-Cracking Beats

Chuckletown, USA

What the Fabulous Mysterious Actor Show Was Like Last Summer and Will Involve This Time Around

The Homosexual Agenda

Billy Elliott: The Musical, Bacon Strip, and Lady Rizo

It's a Hit

One Too-Fast Meme by Rebecca Black

My Philosophy

Metal Chocolates, Avatar Young Blaze, Coolout

Party Crasher

The Dandy Warhols

Poster of the Week

Poster by Ben Todd

Davila 666's Tan Bajo: Not Quite as Good as the First One, but Go to the Show Anyway

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 30

Visual Art

In Reason Nothing—Something Then in Rhyme

Poetry in a Cave at Western Bridge


Cold and Dead

The Arctic Teaches Us More About Death Than Death Itself

Food & Drink

How to Break Your QFC Habit

Grocery Shopping That's More Fun and Less Cash

Happiest Hour

Rock Box

Chow Bio

Jessica Haury of 3.14 Bakery


The Secret Sex Lives of SPU Students

Masturbation in Prayer Rooms! Mouths on Genitals! Virginities Lost! Forbidden Everything!

Green Zone

The Stranger’s Shake-Covered Sports Coverage

A Letter to Our Readers About The Stranger’s Exciting New Digital Pricing Initiative

Or: How You Learned to Quit Worrying and Love Our Paywall


Tunnel Referendum Has Enough Signatures for a Vote

But City Attorney and Council Attempt to Keep $4.2 Billion Issue off the Ballot

Watery Grave

Developer Could Sink Low-Cost Sailing Program in Magnuson Park

The Budget Is Coming

Prepare to Be Fucked

Taking Another Shot

Costco Pushes to Privatize Liquor Sales by 2012

Dead and Alive in Olympia

Which Bills Could Survive to Become Law

Catching Cops

City Council Member Nick Licata Proposes Law for Prosecuting Police

Labor Pains

Union Says KING and KIRO TV Want to Take Away Workers' Rights

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week

I Love Television


Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 233


Thai Curry Simple

Sister Spit: The Next Generation

Metal Chocolates

'Source Code'

'Of Mice and Men'

'Light in Darkness'

Dina Martina: 'Live at Re-bar's Place!'

Eugene Mirman