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Sep. 21 - 27, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 2

Savage Love

Fortuny Sucks

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I, Anonymous


On Screen

'The Science of Sleep,' 'Fearless,' 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated,' 'Confetti,' and More

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Stop and War

An Interview with Jet Li

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Real Men Hold Dance Contests


Zombies, Lizard Kings, and Other Things


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Now and Zen

DJ Krush’s Self-Renovation


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Data Breaker

Ghost of a Dance

Hauntology Creeps into Earshot

'Net Radio Prophets

Dublab's Great Web Feat

Sweet Om Alabama

Brightblack Morning Light Shine

The Crate Society

DFA DJs Get Their Wax In

Wild Mountain Time

Mastodon Reach Their Peak

Rocka Rolla

Beauty and the Beat


Gone with the Dim

Tony-Winning Theater, Toneless Play

Theater Listings

Things Blow Apart

The Ambitious but Flawed Louis Slotin Sonata

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Visual Art

God Had to Go

The Nasty Neobohemianism of David Choe

In Art News

Sunshine: Thank You

Visual Art Listings

In Art News

Sunshine: Thank You

Well, Not Quite Like That

Seattle Art Museum Will Keep Pre-Auction Sales Secret


'Communicable 2006' at WET Gallery


The Emperor's Wife

What Would Claire Messud's Husband Think of Her New Book?

Readings Listings

Joe Sacco’s Eyes

The Comic Book Journalist on War, Punk, and the Myth of Objectivity

New in Books

'Red Weather' by Pauls Toutonghi


Dead Souls

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Broadway Boat Show

Eatin' Out

Fremont Oktoberfest

Simply Delicious

Captivating Cuisine and Bustling Frenchiness at Saint-Germain

Chow Bio

Nina Burton

The Happiest Hour



'Dinner Theater'

Looking Back at the History of Food from the Year 2537


Digging a Hole

Viaduct Cost Estimates Higher Than Ever

Pedersen's Night

Gay-Rights Attorney Pulls Ahead in the Race in the 43rd District

Election Night Hootenanny

Join The Stranger Election Control Board as They Hit the Primary Parties and Watch the First Numbers Come In

Driving the Debate

Montlake Duo Force Their 520 Plan into Final Consideration

In Other News

In Other News

Police Beat

American Metal

Condo Confusion

Affordable-Housing Numbers Questioned

In The Hall

Long Odds

Counter Intel

The Candidate You've Got

Drunk of the Week

DJ Mullet

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

Keeping Your Privates Private

Celebrity I Saw U

3-2-1… GAY!

I Love Television

Go on..Beg!


Joseph Monsen

Pillow Fight Club


Shee Bee Gees

Brightblack Morning Light

Seattle Follies

'This Film Is Not Yet Rated'

Last Days

The Week In Review

Letters to the Editor


Bo Logan for Mayor

Secret Student Handbook 2006

The Secret Student Handbook: A Guide to Everything Your School Won't Tell You

So You've Decided to Go to College

So You've Decided to Go to College in Seattle

So You've Decided to Use Drugs

So You've Decided to Drink Alcoholic Beverages

(How to Do So Without Being an Asshole)

So You've Decided to Break Your Abstinence Pledge

So You've Decided to Be Gay

So You've Decided to Sleep with a Black Man

So You've Decided to Get a Credit Card

So You've Decided to Become an Idiot

(or, Why You Shouldn't Become a Political Radical)

So You've Decided to Plaster Yourself All Over the Internet

So You've Decided to Attend Rock Shows

So You've Decided to Be Underage

So You've Decided to Get All Arty and Shit

So You've Decided to Adopt Literary Pretensions

Say WA?

It’s Not Just Our Humiliating State Slogan—It’s the Name of This Seattle-Friendly Glossary!