Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 27 - May. 3, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 34

Savage Love

Small Government

I, Anonymous

Knock It Off, Old Perv


On the Street

A Man Seeking (and Finding) Beauty

Rebels with Cars

Sixteen Excellent Things About Fast Five

Grand Larceny

Keanu Reeves Robs a Bank While Going Chekhovian, Morgan Spurlock Sells Out and Goes Nowhere

Art House

In a Better World


Hoodwinked Too!

Teenage Dream

Prom's Soulless Fairy Tale


From Right Here to Infinity

Thousands' Intimate Constructions Find a Worldwide Audience

Sound Check

Nikki Sixx: Shooting Photos Instead of Drugs

Up & Coming

Lose your Swedish Fish every night this week!

Diego Garcia Scores with Laura

With Hello World!, the Naturebot Eases Away from the Dance Floor

Chuckletown, USA

Billy Wayne Davis, Owen Straw, and Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery


All-Ages Shows

Data Breaker

Pearson Sound, Panabrite, Tommy Four Seven

The Homosexual Agenda

Goings-On at Comet and Annex

My Philosophy

Waves of the Mind, Doomtree, and Spring Classic

Poster of the Week

Poster by Ben Todd


An Inspiring Failure

A Play About Beatrix Potter and 19th-Century Race Politics That Falls on Its Ass in Promising Ways

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of April 27

Visual Art

In Art News

Modern Americans



Kim Ricketts Isn't Around Anymore, Damn It

Food & Drink

Ode to Manny's

How Georgetown Brewing Company Came to Make the Best Beer in the Universe

Happiest Hour

The Lock & Keel


Actual Foxes Listen to Fleet Foxes

Reviews of the Band's New Album by the Animals at the Woodland Park Zoo

Could Kickstarter Be Evil?

Paul Constant and Jen Graves Debate Art, Money, and the Internet


Did Olympia Just Throw Metro Under the Bus?

How the Capital's Fetish for Two-Third Majorities Could Screw Local Transit Riders

Hangover Helper

The Mayor's Plan to Help Your Drunk Ass Get Home Safely

Talk Like a Dinosaur

Ken Hutcherson Calls a Meeting with The Stranger to Tell Us About Sex, Evolution, and Matthew Shepard




'The Bang Bang Club'

Eric Alterman


'The Elephant in the Living Room'

'ggnzla Movie' Premiere



'O Lovely Glowworm, or Scenes of Great Beauty'

Drunk of the Week


Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Wedding Royale!


Savage Love Episode 237

Last Days

The Week in Review