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Sep. 28 - Oct. 4, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 3

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Nothing Sloppy, Nothing Wet: 'Stella: Season One'

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An Ophthalmological Photographer, a Misunderstood Witch, and Five Gesticulating Ants

An Attractive Ordeal

12 Hour Play Is Part Hike, Part Zoo

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The Closed-Circuit City at 911 Media Arts

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The Dealer Who Doesn't Deal

Francine Seders Hasn't Left Her Garden for 40 Years


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'Prisoner of Trebekistan'

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One Night and Several Years at the Elliott Bay Book Company


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Twenty-One Years of Vegetarianism Felled by Battered-and-Fried Fish

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A Summer Spent Killing—and Eating—Seattle's Small Game

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Reissuing Obscure Gems, Local Indie Label Turns Up the Past


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The End of the Party

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New Numbers Threaten Roads Projects

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Whereas, the City Is Lying

Bad Buju

Seattle Club Cancels Show After Outcry

The Gay Seat

The 43rd District Has a New State Representative

Spinning Out of Control

NAACP Looks into Local DJ's Charge of Police Brutality

Moon Landing

Surface/Transit Option Emerges from Viaduct Fray



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