Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 13 - 19, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 52

Savage Love

Shit Flurries

New Column!


High Res

Digital Film Festival Fulfills the PC Promise

The Real Price of Fame

Aniston's Fiery Intelligence Can't Save Rock Star

Buckle My Swash!

Musketeer= Crouching Tiger, HiD'Artagnan

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Creepy! Tragic! Brilliant!

The Return of the West Section Line

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Björk's Magical Sensitivity

Artifice and Old Taste

A More Saccharine Belle & Sebastian

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One-Night Stand

I Want to See Blood

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Tasty Fragments

A Bad Date Makes for a Good Meal


Allegorical Mass Transit Veers Out of Control

Heterosexual Smarm

With Some Damn Good Tunes

Clowns and Semen

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

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Visual Art

The Ghost of Joseph Beuys

Burning Man Beats Biennale!

Bio: Art

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In Arts News


Death of the Author

Less Freedom, More Blood, Better Novels

The Author of Death

We Wish to Inform You of a Double Homicide That Happened a Long Time Ago

Readings Listings


The Stranger Election Death Squad Returns!

Meet our beautiful candidates (and three ugly ones)! Our Election Death Squad undresses Seattle candidates, and provides you with the only voters’ guide you’ll need for the elections.

New York State of Mind

An Eyewitness Account of the WTC Attack

Bad Karma

A View From the Streets of New York

The Coffee Connection

Terrorists Shut Down Corporate Coffee


New Photographic Evidence Backs Up Protesters' Claims

Police Beat

Policy of Truth

Five to Four

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