Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 20 - 26, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 1

Savage Love

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Ghosts of Steel and Glass: The World Trade Center on Film

A Perfect Society

Positive Hippies + Working Class = Swedish Supremacy

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I, Anonymous


The Coup's Bomb

MC Boots Riley and His Platform

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Marcus Durant Tries His Hand

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Always Immigrants

A White Woman Picks Up an Arab

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Kabul Afghan Cuisine

Kebabs and Solidarity


Unmade in the USA

From our letters page to Celebrity I Saw U, the destruction of the World Trade Center is the only thing anyone can think—or write—about.

Look Who's Nervous Now

Grant Cogswell Makes an Impressive Showing on Primary Night

Going... Going... Gone

So Long, Paul Schell. It's Greg "Seattle Style" Nickels vs. Mark "Republican" Sidran This November

Embraceable You

Seattle Longs for Comforting Diversity

Drivers Unwanted

Police Reports Document Anti-Arab Harassment

Police Beat

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I Love Television

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Unmade in the USA

Welcome to Seattle

Frasier's Seattle is a Target, Too

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The Week in New York

The Untold Story

A Horror That Can't Be Smothered in Sound Bites

Sound Judgment

Immediately Suspecting Islamic Radicals Doesn't Mean You're Racist–It Means You've Been Paying Attention

Who, US?

It Didn't Happen in a Vacuum

Wartime Unrealities

This is Not a Movie