Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 22 - 28, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 42

Savage Love

New Column!

I, Anonymous

Twisted Sisterhood


Skewer Mouth

Tim Minchin Sweetly and Scathingly Resurrects Musical Satire

Sunset Superman

Folk-Pop Songsmith Sonny Smith's Beach-Bum Babylon

Do You Have an Ass? Are You Ready to Shake It?

Then You're Going to Love Vockah Redu

Black to the Future

Shabazz Palaces Drop the Decade's First Hiphop Masterpiece

Up & Coming

Lose your campy cock rock every night this week!

Michael Chapman’s Fully Qualified Survivor

Sound Check

Talking to the Cops About Don't Talk to the Cops

Data Breaker

Pezzner, USC's 14th, Nosaj Thing, Marcus Intalex

My Philosophy

Thank Us Now Benefit, Go Hard or Go Home Showcase

Chuckletown, USA

Brent Weinbach, Expensive Genes

Poster of the Week

Gay Pride and the Pork Princess


Psychic Feline and Shabazz Palaces


One Energized, One Enervated

Two Mini-Festivals of New Work

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of June 22

Visual Art

Bear Cred

Lindy West Has It, Art Does Too (With Notes)

In Art News

Talk Nicely to Water


A Barroom of Their Own

Seattle Desperately Needs a Literary Bar


Confronting Tao Lin's Publisher, Part One

Food & Drink

Pasta Addict

An Interview with the Man Who Makes Awesome Handmade Pasta Lunches Inside a Gelato Shop

Chow Bio

Up in Smoke Chèvre from the Calf & Kid

The Happiest Hour

First Hill Bar & Grill


Seattle Central Community College Guts a Treasure

The Best Film and Video Program in the Region—and the Only One That Costs Less Than $25,000—Is Disappearing


Legalize It

A Smart New Initiative Makes Washington State Ground Zero in the National Fight to End Marijuana Prohibition

Too Gay for Print

Local Printer Refuses Service to a New Seattle Gay Bar

Sports Blotter

Dear Science


'17 Swedish Designers'

Hunx & His Punx

'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives'

Two Gallants

Tim Minchin

Neil Gaiman

Oliver's Lounge's Birthday Party

Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project

Drunk of the Week

Show Me Your Tits?

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

My Enemy, the Sun


Savage Love Episode 245

Last Days

The Week in Review

The Queer Issue: You're Doing It Wrong

Queer Issue 2011

You're Doing It Wrong...

Horny Undergrads

How to Fall in Love with Your Professor Without Getting Him Fired

Racist Queers

Just Because You Belong to Another Minority Group Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist

Sexist Queers

Being in a Band with Two Other Girls Reveals the Unchecked Sexism of Music Journalists and Queer Punks Alike


The Human Rights Campaign—the Country's Largest LGBT Lobbying Group—Has Failed

Queers Who Sleep with Straight People

It's Not a Recipe for Happiness


You Need to Come Out to Your Friends and Spouses—Now

Trans Advocates

(At Least Where Genderqueer Kids Are Concerned)

Straight-Wedding Boycotters

Avoiding Weddings Isn't the Way to Change Minds


What Bible-Thumping Anti-Gay Fire-Breathers Could Learn from Donald Trump


It Was Fun to Watch Up to and Until the Moment Gay Kids Started Taking It Seriously

The Homosexual Agenda

Adrian Ryan's very picky, intensely informed guide to every damn gay thing happening this week.