Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 11 - 17, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 4

Savage Love

Roman Showers

New Column!

I, Anonymous


The Weirding Module

Three Reviews of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

Eastern Western

Kung Fu Meets Gogol Up on the Roof

Ennui Moves North

Shallow Comedy Portrays Slack, Iceland Style


Another Stranger Film Section, Another Film Festival Preview

This Week on TV

Film Shorts

Movie Times


Goin' Gay

A Bent 2001 Puff Piece

Gang Bang

Getting to Know Some Bent Musicians

Bio: Music

Food Is Really Good

A Groundwork 2001 Puff Piece

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One-Night Stand

Pop Goes the Rendezvous

Up & Coming

NW Top Twenty

CD Review Revue

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All Ages Action


Theater Review Revue

A Brilliant Room, a Refreshing Bull, and Some Twisted Murders

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Visual Art


Annie Leibovitz Says Women Are Pretty, Critic Snoozes

Bio: Art

The Closeted Gaze

Where are the Lesbian Couples in Annie Leibovitz's Women?


In Arts News

Visual Arts Listings


One Party State

Life in the Epilogue of Political Fictions

Democratic Pirates

The History of Decapitating Commoners

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Il Bistro

Quiet Passion and Wild Mushrooms


And Then I Woke Up...

In the wake of September 11, the dreams of Seattleites went into psycho overdrive. Four dreamy illustrators rev up their pens to capture the action.

Peace Protest

Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! The Left's Tired Tactics Have Got to Go!

Afghanistan Teach-In

CliffsNotes From the Popular U.W. Lecture Series

"I'm Voting For Mark Sidran"

We Wish You Wouldn't. Here's Why.

Unconstitutionally Broad

Exotic Dancer Says City Strips Constitutional Rights

Roast the Competition

Starbucks Tempts Daily Newspapers with Sketchy Marketing Strategy

Five to Four

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Police Beat

We Are the Subjects

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

The Evil CIA vs. the Real CIA

It's My Party

Lawless & Lawsuits

I Found It!

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slade: back from hell!