Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 18 - 24, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 5

Savage Love

Playing Doctor

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Human and Queer

Jesus, What's with All These Film Festivals?

Dark Attentions

Jack the Ripper on Film

This Week on TV

Movie Times

Film Shorts


Blue-Toned and Beautiful

Jesse Sykes Finds Her Voice

Bio: Music

A Tale of Two Cities

Jenny Toomey's Perfect Antidote

One-Night Stand

I'm Drunk and Right Now I'm So in Love With You

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NW Top Twenty

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True Comedy

Our Reviewer Gushes in his Pantaloons

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Creepy, Scabrous, Gory

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Visual Art

Pigs Hit the Block

A Gala Evening Undercover


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Food & Drink

Yakima Grill

A Farmer's Market Under the Vance Hotel



New porn, food porn, retail porn, Biblical porn: You can't wait to get your dirty hands on our smart, sexy supplement....

Folk Rock

Grant Cogswell for City Council

Who's Next?

More Local Companies Consider Leaving Town

The Cheese Factor

Cheesecake Factory Adds Seattle to Assembly Line. We're Psyched.

Talking Trash

Sidran and Nickels Duke It Out on KCTS

Red-Light Districts

City Pushes Ahead with Controversial Traffic Light Cameras

No-Protest Zone

Black Businesses Behind Cops in Wake of Inquest

Police Beat

Domestica Minutiae

Five to Four

In Other News...

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

MacGyver: America's Only Hope

It's My Party

Do You Know Who I Am?

I Found It!

Celebrity I Saw U

YUM! Glass!


Book Supplement

We Are Hungering for Something Else

New Pornographers' Manifesto


An Exhibit of Sex Toys During the New Wartime

Sex: Fiction's Hamburger Helper

On Chuck Palahniuk's Choke

Gary Lutz, Anaesthete

Textual Intercourse Is All On the Surface

Scandinavian Sex

Lolitas of the Arctic Circle

The Ether Sex

Erotic Writing in a State of Democracy

Avuncular Erotics

The Pleasures of the Closet

Books For Sex

Readers in the Age of Late Capitalism

Food Porn

Masturbation and Fleshy Salmon

The Meaning of Intercourse

Boyz and Grrrrls From San Francisco

Holy Erotic Grail

God's Fucking Masterpiece