Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 13 - 19, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 45

Savage Love

Daddy Issues

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Harry Potter: A Retrospective

Lindy West Goes Deep Nerd

Blood and Teeth and Claws

Faceless Capitalism in The Last Mountain

I Love Television

Harry Pottumus Disappearius!

Art House



Winnie the Pooh Is a Baby’s Movie


Numbers in Action

The Single Hasn't Killed the Album, Yet

Chunks of Pain Covered in Tingly Goo

Staring at the Universe with Lars Finberg's Intelligence

Sound Check

The Avett Brothers: Ghosts, NASCAR, and Love

Up & Coming

Lose your nostalgic urges every night this week!

My Philosophy

Neema's Black Rose


Ambarchi's Ambient and Liturgy's Brainy Black Metal

Data Breaker

Substrata Fest, the Shpongletron Experience

The Homosexual Agenda

Battle of the Monsoons: Blue Plate Special, Fringe


You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Looking at Cloud 9's Taboos Again, 32 Years After It Was Written

Realpolitik at Recess

King Arthur and the Knights of the Playground

Free Will Astrology

For the week of July 13

Visual Art

Eleven People and an Eagle

The Stranger Spends an Afternoon at the Olympic Sculpture Park


How to Live in a City, Part 1

Misha Glouberman Thinks Cities Are a Big Game

How to Live in a City, Part 2

Lisa Wells Thinks Young Urbanites Are Doing Everything Wrong


The Stranger Presents a Very Humiliating Evening: The Lineup!

Food & Drink

Where Anyone Can Kiss

A Morningtime Cafe, Family Mexican Restaurant, and Sometimes-Gay Bar on Beacon Hill

Happiest Hour

The Grizzled Wizard

Chow Bio

Sabine Ruthensteiner, Owner of Kanape


Brave New City

Alien Buildings, Barking Men, Talkative Robots, Giant Flyswatters Resting on Bushes—Living in Columbia City Is Living in the Urban Future

1,332 Hours

The Making of the John T. Williams Memorial


Red Flags

Is School Board Member Peter Maier Partly Responsible for the District Losing a Half-Million Dollars?

Not Fine?

Why Illegal Yellow Pages Deliveries Won't Necessarily Result in Penalties

Hot Candidate-on-Candidate Action

Rule Change Allows Candidates to Criticize Each Other in City Voters' Guide

Sports Blotter


'Point Break'

Free Wine Everywhere!

Charles Stross

Capitol Hill Block Party


RoRo BBQ & Grill

'Three Families'

'Into Eternity'

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower


Savage Love Episode 248

Last Days

The Week in Review