Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 25 - 31, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 6

Savage Love


New Column!

I, Anonymous


The Aesthetics of the Idea: Richard Linklater Discusses Waking Life

Wholly Moments

Waking Life's Brave Hits and Misses

Last Exposure

Joel Bachar Bids Adieu to the Northwest

It's Always Halloween

Wisconsin Death Trip's Scary Victorians

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Movie Times


Music as Movies

Styles of Beyond Los Angeles

Earshot Versus Itself

A Hard Look at a Cruel Festival

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CD Review Revue

One-Night Stand

The Wallpaper of Satan and a Really Great Floor Design

Bio: Museum

NW Top Twenty

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Brainy Variety

You'll Need Both Hemispheres With Run/Remain

Boy Trouble

Sadness Tops Slickness

Theater Review Revue

Lonely Girls and Half-Naked Scots

Bio: Theater

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Visual Art

Useful Objects

Or Are They?

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A Stripper's Discourse

Into the World of Fantasy Flesh

Artificial Zeitgeist

The Joy of Fucking is like The Joy of Sex

Book Review Revue

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Food & Drink

Salmon Bay Cafe

Breakfast, Lunch, and Remembering


What's Scary Now

The Stranger's 2001 Halloween Fun-Pak

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Black Flag

The Black Response to America's Tragedy

Redmond Red Alert

Microsoft Tightens Security, Confronts Status as Terrorist Target

The Michael Preston "Scandals"

They're Your Problems, Not His

Don't Listen to The Stranger

Vote for Mark Sidran

Civil Action

Two Central District Men Take the Cops to Federal Court

Revenge of the Queers

Guerrilla Fags Overrun Straight Bars

Look Within

City Spends Millions on Outside Consultants

Police Beat


Five to Four

In Other News...

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Superboy, 90210

It's My Party

D.C. Showdown, Part Two

I Found It!

Celebrity I Saw U



Halloween Fun-Pak

No More

After the Fall, Obliteration Awaits

In the Air Tonight

Seattle's (Un)Readiness for Mass Bioterrorism

Ready to Die

The New Terrors of the Air

Building Fears

Scrape the Sky, Pay the Price

Holy Shit! The Draft

Yesterday's Fear is Back in Style

Holy Shit! I'm a Racist

Racial Profiling Gets Personal

How D'Ya Survive the Coming Chaos?