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Oct. 19 - 25, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 6

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I, Anonymous


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Monarchy in the Public-Relations Age

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Sofia Coppola's Bobblehead Court

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'Flags of Our Fathers,' 'The Prestige,' and 'Shortbus'


Coke Adds Life


The Synthetic Flesh of 'Doctor X'


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Gaudy Sabbath

Danava's Demonic Space Rock

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The Psychedelic Case of the Shattered (Tobacco) Pipe

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Mars Hill Church Reclaims Control of Beloved All-Ages Venue

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My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Pop Comes and Goes...

Peter Parker Reunite (Briefly) as Racetrack Exit

Manak Expression

Hiphop Powerhouse Expands Its Horizons

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Poster of the Week

History's Punk

American Hardcore: Short, Loud, and Angry


Listen to Local Bands Playing in Town This Week


L'anding Gears in Algiers

Seattle Opera's Italian Girl Flies High

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An Off-the-Grid Bar Goes on the Market

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Critical Failure

Visual Art

The Door Is Ajar

What Whiting Tennis Found in the Garage

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The Art Speaks for Itself at Platform Gallery

Arty Smarties

Interview with the Geniuses of Lead Pencil Studio


The Lying, Cheating Heart of Photography

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Feast of Love

At the Jupiter Affair


Talk of Two Towns

My New Yorker Festival Diary

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'Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement'

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Is Our Children Eating?

Exploring the Nuance of Seattle Public Schools' Institutional Cuisine

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Hope's Newest Incarnation

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Jared Sprinkle

The Happiest Hour

Luau Polynesian Lounge


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Bright Lines and Gray Areas


Police Beat



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Readers Comment on Just That Into Him

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Kelli C.

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Goddamn! Basket!

I Love Television

I Love TV

What Ain't Normal


Cut Chemist

4th Annual Genius Awards

'Little Women, Little Men'

Peter Parker, Racetrack

Jello Biafra


Shook Ones' Fall Ball

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Jennifer Zeyl


James Longley

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