Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 20 - 26, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 46

Savage Love


New Column!

I, Anonymous


The Ghosts and the Machine

Nuclear Waste, a Finnish Cave, and Humans 100,000 Years from Now

Tabloid: Mormons, Mysteries, and a Beauty-Queen Sociopath

Captain America: He Implores You to Listen to Uncle Sam and His Giant 3-D Finger

When Your Bros Are Hos

Friends with Benefits: Just a Romantic-Comedy

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: Three Chinas, Two Friends, One Mediocre Movie

Art House

Redland and False Freedoms

A Better Life: It’s an Immigrant Story and It Does Not Suck

If a Tree Falls: Destruction Is Destruction

Project Nim: It's Like a Baby That Will Bite Your Face Off

I Love Television

Terrorists? Prepare to get Terrorized!

Terri: In the Land of the Living


It's a Fucked Up World

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham on Lawsuits, Misogyny, and His Role on Fox News

Sound Check

Acrassicauda: Heavy Metal From Baghdad to Seattle

Shut Up!

Have your own damn block party!

Interstellar Overdrivers

Lumerians' Cosmic Dances and Death Rays

Leave the Block Party!

Where to Escape and Revive Yourself Before the Next Band

Up & Coming

Lose your heartwarming gloom every night this week!


All-Ages Shows

My Philosophy

XV and Zo!

Data Breaker

Open Mike Eagle, Brain Fruit, Bassdrop, Etc.

Lindy West Interviews Kumail Nanjiani

The Homosexual Agenda

Sophisticated Mama and Daddy Shack Disco


The Passion of Bart Simpson

The Apocalypse, The Simpsons, and Actors in Yellowface

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 20

Visual Art

Visceral, Violent, Charming

Fourteen Sweaty Artists Colonize Three Doomed Houses

In Art News

Mazel Tov


Flannery O'Connor Kills Again

Ann Napolitano Takes A Good Hard Look at the Carnage

Food & Drink

Five Hours of Waffling

Burning Beast Doesn't Care if It Rains

Chow Bio

Yi-Chun Lin, Co-owner of Street Donuts

The Happiest Hour



It's Official: Downtown Traffic After the Multibillion-Dollar Tunnel Would Be Nearly Identical to Shutting Down the Viaduct and Doing Nothing

The Surprising News Inside the Gazillion-Page Environmental Impact Statement


Don't Bust Us!

Pot Dispensaries Scramble to Avoid Federal Raids by Changing Their Practices

Eat Your Heart Out

On August 20, Seattle Will Awaken to a New Street-Food Scene

Bus Stomp

Republicans Are Crushing Metro Bus Service

Dear Science

Will You Miss the Shuttle?


Candidate Survivor

Uneeda Burger

The Divorce

'Mad Homes'

Stacey Levine

'Henry IV, Part 1'

Bollywood Panorama

Dead Bird Movement

Ty Segall

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Savage Love Episode 249

Last Days

The Week in Review

Block Party

Capitol Hill Block Party 2011

Everything You Need to Know About This Year's Festival!