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Nov. 8 - 14, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 8

Savage Love

And the Winners Are...

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I, Anonymous


All Is Full of Love

Magical Realism à la Francaise

Kung Fu in Space

The One Makes The Matrix Look Deep

Shallow Horseshit

Farrellys' Fat Comedy Sucks Complete Ass

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Deeply South

The Twisted Optimism of Sparklehorse

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An Interview with Jucifer's Amber Valentine

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Dancing in the House

A Blueprint Sets the Stage for this Summerhouse

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Human Landscapes

From "Deciduous Trees" to "Yellow Sludge"

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Happy Days Are Here Again

Shoestring Elegance at the Bar



Our Japan-tastic tribute to Japanese art, pop culture, film, and the "hot-noisy" streets of Tokyo!

Political Party-Hopping

Sampling Fruit Platters, Crab Cakes, and Clichés

Soft Justice

Industry Analyst Explains Microsoft Victory

Domestic Front

Asian Women's Groups Plead Case to City

Osama bin Later

Aging Snohomish Rockers Too Controversial for

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Police Beat

Scenes from Fairyland

Five to Four

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I Love Television

Return of the Gonorrhea

It's My Party

Farewell, Sweet Devils

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Asses, Asses Everywhere




High and Low Culture Collapse in the Nicest Possible Way in Superflat

Warm, Kind of Melting

Takashi Murakami and Emily Hall Exchange Words in Something Resembling an Interview

The Patient Fuck vs. the Exploding Orgasm

Japan's Hiphop Reinterprets an American Genre

I heart Torture

Mister Japan-O-Rama's Whirlwind Tour of Japanese Film

Juicy Fruits

Brain-Stimulating Fashion from the Streets of Tokyo