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Nov. 22 - 28, 2001

Vol. 11, No. 10

Savage Love

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Early Godard Finds Joy in Everyday Misery

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Tropical Futura

Bebel Gilberto and the Passionate Plant

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Three New Books in the Late Age of Hiphop

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The Pursuit of Thanksgiving Purity


Fight or Flight?

This holiday season, with the world coming to an end and all, The Stranger asks our readers: Are you a fighter or a flier? Either way, we've got the perfect selection of special gifts for your shopping experience. Burn those bridges! Burrow in your

Real Trouble

Anti-Trust Settlement Gives Microsoft Advantage Over RealNetworks in Digital Media Market

Sitting Here on Capitol Hill

Budget Hit Puts Broadway on Back Burner

Budget Battle

Council Members Push Priorities at Crunch Time

Commercial Break

School Board Confronts Advertising in Schools

Police Beat

Surveillance Society

Five to Four

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Aquaman Sucks Fishsticks: A Rebuttal

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Flight Gifts

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Fuck Everything

This Holiday Season, Spend Your Money on the Only Person That Matters?You