Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 15 - 21, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 18

Savage Love


I, Anonymous


On Screen

Paul Blart: Mall Cop: Look! The Fat Guy's Trying to Do Stuff!

On Screen

Chandni Chowk to China: Bollywood goes Hollywood

On Screen

Notorious: Big Fat Nothing

Guerrilla in Our Midst

Che Is Soderbergh's Masterpiece


Silent Movie Mondays

On Screen

Hotel for Dogs: Poop and Pee and Monchichi


Album Review

Animal Collective: Merriweather Post

Album Review

DJ Signify: Of Cities

Party Crasher

Ricin, Schmicin

Data Breaker

Beat-Seeking Missives

Fucking in the Streets

The Sight Below, Free Blood, and Linda and Ron's Dad's Beat Tourism

The Twilight Rambler

Six Organs of Admittance's Spiritual Folk Odysseys

It's a Hit

Singles, Remixes & MP3s

We Have a Technical

Sleepy Eyes of Death's Fuse-Blowing Scores

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Poster of the Week

Mike Klay

The Score

Classical, Jazz & Avant

Up & Coming

This Week's Notable Shows and Parties


Sound Off! Contestants Schoolboy Gutbuster and the Mission Orange


On Stage

Review of Seattle Opera's The Pearl Fishers

Theater Review Revue

A British Satire, an Italian Revival, and an Extending Acting Sequence Starring the Marquis de Sade

When Genius Stumbles

Linas Phillips Makes Great Movies and Middling Performance Art

Visual Art

In Art News

Live Wire


Constant Reader

Poems for Presidents, Death Threats, and Amnesia

Back to the Future

Knute Berger Says There's Only One Way to Look at Seattle: Backward

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Ricin: The Pub Crawl

The Happiest Hour

Chez Gaudy

Northern Exposure

The Asian Delights of the North End


The Sundance Kids

This Week, Three Seattle Filmmakers—Two of Them Stranger Genius Award Winners—Are Headed to the Most Important Film Festival in the Country


Just Take a Stand!

Council Prioritizes Making Everybody Like Them

No Confidence

Senator Adam Kline Has Power— if Only He'd Use It

In the Hall

Bye-Bye, P-I

In Other News

Stop the Presses

Behind the Scenes as Hearst Gave Up on Seattle's Oldest Newspaper

Last Days

The Week in Review


'Thermostat: Video and the Pacific Northwest'

Jon Raymond

MLK Dance Party

Inauguration Day

Sleepy Eyes of Death

'Oh! What a Lovely War'


Al Kooper

I Love Television

From Zero to Sixty

Control Tower

Getting Fucked

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week

Crossword Solution

Sea Kittens

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Sea Kittens

Illustrated Comment of the Week