Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 10 - 16, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 17

Savage Love

Baby Games

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Sharing the Confinement

The Confusing, Sinister Beauty of Kandahar

Spy Game

Cate Blanchett Behind Enemy Lines


But Not Good

This Week on TV

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Attention Whore

Princess Superstar Is Miss America

Bio: Music

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Phil Elvrum's Table of the Elements

One-Night Stand

Genuinely Spooked

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Soaked in Liquor

A World War I Novel That's Not About World War I, Nor its Main Characters

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Muy Macho

La Puerca Feminista!


Pinker Than Pink

The Gayest House In Seattle

Man to Man

Police Reports Detail Sexual Assaults at Local Bathhouse

If I Were the Mayor...

Advice from the Streets for Incoming Mayor Greg Nickels

I Am the Mayor

Greg "Sound Transit" Nickels Sworn in as New Mayor, as Support for Sound Transit Collapses

The Club Queen

Linda Buys the Breakroom and Expands Her Empire

Forced Unity

Why Sound Transit Board Member Rob McKenna Was Ousted

Five to Four

Your Man in City Hall

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Soft Crimes

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I Love Television

The Buffy Trivia Challenge Extravaganza!

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