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Nov. 2 - 8, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 8

Savage Love

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King of the Weird

Crispin Glover Live on the Telephone

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Movie Times

Oh No He Di'int

Crispin Glover's Magnum Rumpus

On Screen

'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America ...,' 'Tideland,' and 'Flushed Away'

When Cinema Lies, It Is Just to Make Dreams

Alejandro González Iñárritu on the Making of 'Babel'

Beyond Borders

The Simple, Ineffable Babel


'Nuff Said


Nurse Wretched


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Party Crasher

You Wanna Go, Smart Guy?

Father of Desi Hiphop

Panjabi MC Is the Future

Strange Colors

120 Days Paint a Picture

Life's Rich Pageant

Unlocking Anathallo's Intricacies

Absolutely Fabulous

Pet Shop Boys Finally Come to Seattle

Rain's on Fire

Howlin' Rain Master the Milestones

Most Fortunate Night

Lemony Snicket Had Nothing to Do with It


R.I.P. the Halcyon


The Emptiest Space

Our Last, Best Midsize Theater Goes Dark

Of Rats and Men

Native Son Is a Total Success

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Wait for It...

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Man with a Project

Listen in as Jen Graves talks to Scott Lawrimore

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Roses and Lemons


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Obama Makes Himself Clear

The Illinois Senator Is Onto Something

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Ebony and Ivory

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Bar Exam

Flight of Fancy

Identity Crisis

Veering from Upscale Comfort Food to Ho-Hum Italian at the Capitol Club

Chow Bio

Yulia Balayants

Eatin' Out

The Frank and the Beans

The Happiest Hour

The Matador


Blowing Smoke

Mayor Nickels's Climate Action Agenda Is All Talk

Day of Reckoning—Night of Drinkening

Last Dance

Will Seattle Voters Put Hardworking Strippers out of Work? A Report from the Front Lines of the War on Naked Ladies, Lap Dances, and $5 Cokes

Left in the West

Out of Montana, a New Kind of Democrat


Bar Fight

Nickels's Club Rules Remain Harsh

In Other Neighborhoods

Temperance Tantrum

Principal at Odds with Community Over Restaurant Liquor License

In The Hall

Between the Lines

Cantwell Clampdown

Banned from Democratic Rally, Young Republicans Turn to ACLU

Diversity Discomfort

Islamic Fliers in Microsoft Kitchenettes Cause Quiet Controversy

Police Beat

The System


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Readers Respond to Dan's Advice to PROP

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Like So Totally Clueless

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'Take the Cake'

Aimee Bender

Courtney Love


Seattle International Comedy Competition

Kid Koala

'What Is It?'

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Bad Man Go Boom!

Control Tower

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

Sex, Slaves, and Castration Curiosity

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview