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Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 20

Savage Love

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The Year in Landmark Theaters

Sundance 2002 Wrap-Up


Jeff Daniels Wrestles the Sandman

Tough Love

Romance à la Dogme

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The Kids Are Alright

Celebrating a Vera Special Year

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Show and Tell, Tell, Tell

Moral Tales at the Sex Workers' Art Show

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Food & Drink

A Kitchen Like Abe's

Min Liao Searches for Jewish Comfort Food


The Power of Positive Poverty

How to get by, get fed, get abortions, and keep it all together in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

A Brutal Business

Washington's growing "fight club" community is beginning to gain national attention

I Was a Teenage Lawsuit

JAMPAC Challenges Teen Dance Ordinance in U.S. District Court

Sounding the Horn

Establishment Guy Joel Horn Is Good for the Monorail. And Vice Versa.

Holding Out

U-District Property Owners Await Classier Suitors

Payback Time

City Council Throws Public Money at Campaign Consultant Cathy Allen

Blast From the Past

TEKBUG Debuts Five Years Late

Five to Four

Police Beat


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