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Looks like M-unit at Oswald Penitentiary.
Not until teenagers stop killing people.
Kids who commit violent crimes are, for the most part, acting out traumas they've experienced at home.

Even if we take this at face value, it's pretty cold comfort for the victims of those kids' violence, isn't it?

When a kid has committed and been found guilty of rape, will the victim be expected to just live with the non-incarcerated rapist sitting right there in the same classroom, not just throughout the trial, but also after the judge's gavel falls, for every day of school until graduation?
Thank you for acknowledging the truly dismal condition of the current facility. I was friends with a Paralegal in the Public Defender's office in the late 1980's, and used to accompany him to the facility on our way home, so he could drop off papers and such. It was horrible then, and I'm sure has not gotten any better.

The Utopians who aspire to no youth incarceration seem content to let the current children rot in that soul-crushing place until their unattainable goal is reached. Why anyone who claims to have empathy for these kids is taking them seriously is mystifying.

There will always be a need for a facility where family issues can be adjudicated. There will always be a need to house children who have committed crimes, even if just while waiting for a foster home to open up, or for their parents to get into a stable situation. We, the adults, need to acknowledge that and take responsibility, and not just go along to seem hip.

@3 you know, adults who commit crimes... used to be children too!

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