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Get to Know Local Creators Making Gift-Worthy Goods

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Keep Warm 2023

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Get to Know Local Creators Making Gift-Worthy Goods

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Get to Know Local Creators Making Gift-Worthy Goods

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Renny Cobain, owner of Tough Tatas Pottery, has put boobs on just about everything—mugs, bowls, plates, planters, flasks, pinch pots, sponge holders, matchstick holders… but does she have a favorite?

“My taste in boobs is always changing,” she said. “But my current favorites are my ‘little knockers’ wind chimes and ‘tits and butts’ ashtrays. But boobs on a coffee mug are a classic.” 

Cobain’s handmade mugs start at $50 and feature boobs of all shapes and sizes—big boobs, little boobs, close-together boobs, and far-apart boobs. There are boobs that sit high and boobs that hang low, and boobs covered with polka dots or striped with rainbows. But what really caught my eye while perusing Cobain’s wares on Instagram was the line of menorahs ($75-$90) she’s been rolling out this season, in hilarious shapes like pickles, giant macaroni noodles, and, my favorite, bright yellow banana slugs.

“[Banana slugs] are an iconic PNW creature,” said Cobain. “[They] are slow and strange, something that I think all us in the Pacific Northwest can relate to in the long dark days of winter.”

In Seattle, you can find Cobain’s Tough Tatas creations at Making Local Market at Victory Hall on November 25, Urban Craft Uprising Winter Market at Seattle Exhibition Hall December 1-3, and the Urban Craft Market at Fairview at 400 Fairview on December 13. Follow Tough Tatas Pottery on Instagram at @toughtataspottery for market updates and to peep the latest mug puns.

What first inspired you to put boobs on a coffee mug?

I’m not the first person to put boobs on a mug, but between my daughter’s love of boobs and the boob I married, boobs play an important part in my life. I think in raising my two daughters, I want them to feel comfort and acceptance that all bodies are different, and all are beautiful. Plus, it just makes your morning cup of coffee a bit more titillating.

You also have a line of really great menorahs. I am especially fond of the banana slug menorah, but you also just debuted a new macaroni and cheese menorah, and wow. It’s perfect! Will your menorahs be available at Urban Craft Uprising?

I’m having a bit of a menorah love affair at the moment and have been kicking out tons of banana, pickle, macaroni, and banana slug menorahs for all my holiday markets this year. 

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Pacific Northwest winters are notoriously awful—it’s dark, damp, cold. Do you do anything specific this time of year to help push you through until spring?

Besides an increase in medication and gummies, I get through winter with cozy socks, a fresh season of The Great British Bake Off, and a hot toddy served up in a “My penis is beautiful” mug.

I have to ask, and I apologize because I’m sure you get this allllll the time. Your last name is pretty iconic in the Pacific NW. Any relation to, well, you know…

Yes, I am related to Kurt on my husband’s side. No need to apologize, though! Pretty used to it at this point.