The Gaybucks on E. Olive Way is on strike. Follow Hannah Krieg's twitter feed for on-the-ground coverage. Conor Kelley



Instead of pouting about stores shutting down, considering they loathe its management and CEO, how about they look for another job?


This week on Barpod Hottake Herzo and her cis het minder Jesse discuss Portland' first lesbian bar since 2010 and how it came to be open for one day, thanks to an attempted worker conquest.


Why is there even a Starbucks on Capitol Hill? Wallingford’s closed two years ago due to lack of interest.


@3 Well put. Let the unionizing, railing against the system, city council edicts regarding worker rights, pay, benefit and literally micro-managing owner's businesses continue.

Companies should very much vote with their feet when faced with these problems or put up with the nonsense.

The far left is well on the way to creating a "dust bowl" in Seattle and who are we to argue.... let them do it. There are many, many other cities which will welcome the investment capital, entrepreneurs and industry.... let them benefit.

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