Labor Aug 12, 2022 at 9:15 am

Homegrown Strike Authorized, Seattle Children’s Nurses Picket, and Seattle's Labor Office Returns $370,000 to Workers

If conditions don't improve for Homegrown workers, I smell a strike on the way. UNITE Here! Local 8



Remote work could also be in the best interest of workers in other countries…Definite advantages to remote work, but those can be exploited by businesses too.


Dang, I WISH I was getting paid like I lived in San Francisco - I'd probably be making an extra $20K a year - which would mean I would be able to just barely afford rent on a 2BR 1BA apartment for myself, my spouse and our 16 year old ward that wasn't 20 miles out of town.


We went to the rally in support of the Magnolia Childcare Union workers fired by MightyKidz I hope some people who read this will call into the council meeting tomorrow to tell the council to demand they are reinstated and recognized. You can use the extra seconds you have to make fun of the council members who ended hazard pay for grocery workers on behalf of their donors all while conducting their meeting from their living rooms because it’s too dangerous to go into the office.

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