Labor Oct 21, 2022 at 3:15 pm

Starbucks Executives Lose Faith, KUOW to Picket Monday, Two Rivers Terminal Fined $200,000

Yes, you should have been a pilot. GETTY



Howard needs love. Where is the love?


Apparently, I am considered part of the silent generation while I consider myself part of the Beat Generation the tail end of it. Many of us lived during WW11 and were often were children of militant Union members. Born 1939 even part of the boomers since that would make a number of us young enough.

I worked many years and know personally that life generally speaking for many was easier because of labor unions. Working conditions were far more kinder and workers had a say in their workplaces. One pay check could support a family and people could have home cooked meals as one advantage.

It was the sixties Left that attacked racism, homophobia and the sexist culture that was so prevalent. We fought for the legalization of abortion and won and helped to end the Vietnam war. We were a big part of the rock music culture etc.

Now we are experiencing right wing back lash. The man wants to keep the working class down as far as possible. Lies and betrayals are part of their play book.

Worker co ops are part of the needed freedom to go forward to a better world as well.
Good unions controlled by workers can improve this country for all. Finally, homelessness was rarely seen and short lived generally speaking. It is an economic problem caused by greed. Our generation kicked ass.

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