Labor Nov 11, 2022 at 9:58 am

Meta Lays Off 11,000 Workers, Unions Go Blue, and Inflation Cools Off (FINALLY!)

Starbucks ordered up another bad week. HANNAH RILEY



Nothing says Happy Holidays! more than being fired by the corporation you work for (that rakes in BILLIONS in profit, doesn't pay taxes, and calls price gouging "inflation"). FUCK CORPORATE AMERICA.


Keep cutting Meta (FaceBorg) and Twitter, and pretty soon, Americans’ outlook will improve. Maybe improve our national discourse as well.


"Workers at the [AMZN] hub
are demanding a $30 min-
imum wage and more
time off."

but don't Dems* begin
Negotiations with a
slight increase and
watch in Amaze-
ment as that
gets Whit-
tled down
to No-



What a week... lots of discord between workers and management. A recession looming and cuts, hard cuts are being made across the board.

Seems like labor and management should be cooperating to meet common goals... but just the opposite is happening. Its going to be a very hard recession if this keeps up.

In looking at this slog, it seems that the flavor of the day is confrontation.... not resolution. The gen Z seems to have a very different agenda and outlook about work. I wonder how that will play out.

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