Labor Dec 16, 2022 at 3:45 pm

Starbucks Strike!!!, 500 Seattle Gig Workers Get $1.1 Million Back from Wage Thieves, and New 2023 WA Labor Rules to Learn

Lol at the "we're hiring" sign. SBWU SEATTLE



Conor, you should do a story on Robot Baristas.

They are much less expensive then hiring over-privileged whiners. If they don't like Starbucks, go find a better paying barista job with better benefits...


@2: Unionizing jobs which can already be done by anyone and also easily automated does not seem like a great use of anyone’s time and effort. Noting this doesn’t mean anyone hates baristas; we’re just wondering what picking this fight with a progressive employer will accomplish. (I’m not in any way affiliated with Starbucks; heck, I don’t even drink coffee.) Yes, one of the joys of living in a walkable, vibrant city is the interactions with the types of persons you listed. Enjoying their brief company daily does not mean agreeing with every decision they make.


@2: If it's a union shop, there should be absolutely no tipping as the unionization should negate the need for tips.


Considering the nature of the job (fast food, but not something gross like Mickey Ds) most people who want to work at Starbucks are likely college students who need a part time gig that still lets them take classes.

That’s not traditionally what you would think of as a union job. Union jobs are careers that you will work for at least years if not decades.

Anyone who thinks they will work as a barista for their career doesn’t need a union, they need a therapist.

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