Labor Jan 13, 2023 at 2:49 pm

Mushroom Workers Rally, Black Women Now Run State Labor Council, Mouse-Jigglers Bravely Jiggle On

Looking for a good read this long weekend? Pick up a copy of The Radical King, edited by the great Cornel West. Hulton Archive / Stringer



The casual labor force that unload ships should organize themselves for job representation. The Longshore Union won't allow them to join them; they use them to do the dirty grunt work that they don't want to do themselves. Imagine that; a union that won't let you join.


Uh is The Onion saying that working from home is like a day off? Hot take


Thanks Conor for a great column -as usual! Yale has been fighting unions for about 50 years, so that is noting new.


Not working*
from Home
IS a day off:

Schultzy's saying
Idle hands're the
Devil's Business
so leave That
up to Him.

*I'm busy
not working
from home now.


"And a billionaire who’s
worth 18,000x the median US
household told us to stop whining."

well his whine's
worth 18,000
of ours.

do the Math

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