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Buzzfeed Using AI to Write Articles, Sawant Aims to End Caste Discrimination, and Screw the Two-Week Notice

Ronald McDonald, seen here making off with the heart of the company's president, Joe Erlinger, who thinks paying workers $22 an hour is "job-destroying." Eugene Gologursky / GETTY



“Neil Druckmann, the writer and co-creator of “The Last of Us,”

According to the linked story, “The Last of Us” co-creator who did not receive credit was “…Bruce Straley, the game’s director and one of its key world builders.”


You missed this piece from the Times. Boeing is adding jobs in WA, and most of those are probably union.


“After these abrupt layoffs, workers on the app Blind are wondering why workers even bother giving their two-week notices anymore.”

In the linked Twitter thread, commenter Kagan gives a good reason for giving two weeks notice:

“It’s not so much for the general well-being of the whole company, but for your own team, the people closest to you - that’s why notice when you leave is the least you can do.”

(It would be nice if by “Worker Conquests,” the Stranger included meaning, “workers treating each other better than their evil
bosses do,” but that’s too much to hope for, I guess.)


@4 You also give two weeks notice because burning bridges is a bad idea. You might need that reference or end up interviewing with someone you stiffed somewhere own the line.

But your reason is very good too.

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