Labor Feb 3, 2023 at 2:38 pm

Portland Workers Strike, Bold Hat Productions Interns Get $30,000 Back, and YouTube Workers Refuse to Return to Office

City of Portland workers have had enough of this DIET COLA CRAP. Ryan Sotomayor of LiUNA 483



So when are you all going to unionize?


Conor.....I usually read your weekly rundown with interest. However, re REI: 97.7 million profit on 3.7 billion calculated with my abacus shows less than a 3% margin. That is pretty marginal even for a co-op. With 15,000 ish employees laying off 167 is pretty admirable. I would guess that at least 5% of them (or 750) are deadwood/unnecessary which would make 167 look pretty good. Until you and the other minimum wage slaves at TS file to unionize, maybe you should go light on REI.....or anyone else.


City workers in Portland are tired of cleaning up after their unhoused neighbors?


@3: There are a some unhoused neighbors, but most are violent and defiant vagrants perpetually sautéed in fentanyl and meth. Let's be precise.

City workers deserve that raise.


@3: Ahh, silly me, you were being facetious, given that you surrounded "unhoused neighbors" with scare quotes in AM Slog.



When they collectively decide that the terms of their employment contracts aren't satisfactory. Why do you stupid fucks need to keep having this fundamentally simple concept explained to you?


@6: That would be indeed a spectacle, as they're far too "Republican" to give up such a relaxed and causal gig.



Not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I think I agree that the relaxed and casual nature of their job is perhaps a significant benefit that Stranger writers factor into their lives & career choices. I've a pretty (or at least relatively) relaxed and low stress job that suits my lifestyle and this is absolutely a factor that weighs into why I'm now approaching a decade at the same position with the same company. Also non-unionized, inasmuch as that matters, despite being an outspoken union supporter myself.

Also, I probably shouldn't have called that guy a stupid fuck, my bad. It just strikes me as bizarre that commenters here think they're landing funny "zingers" or calling out hypocrisy on the part of pro-union workers who aren't themselves unionized. It's just so mind-numbingly simplistic and devoid of any critical thought that surrounds the issue of workers rights, and ultimately detracts from any broader discourse and debate surrounding the issue that could be had.


@8: Your essentially got my babble. Your points are well taken.


Why is a simple fuck calling me a stupid fuck? He expects to win people over by that tactic? He really is simple.


Keep building the Labor Movement folks. It means we can go back to affordable housing, a summer vacation, paid overtime and the many blessings the Unions have historically brought us. Thank you.

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