Jesus Fucking Christ, not again!


As a matter of plain fact, some murders are more gruesome than others, aren't they?
@1: true, but since murder is the violent and unlawful taking of life, all murders are brutal.
Doesn't the writer kind of blow up his argument with the first point?
What may be the approved adjective to indicate that one murder is significantly more horrible than another murder? Or do we declare in an otherwise weary world that a drive-by shooting involving a drug deal gone bad is exactly as horrific as another murder involving a child and their puppy and a blowtorch? Are all adjectives equally guilty?
Shouldn't this be an "I Anonymous"?
Well, at least they didn't say, "They were Literally Brutally Murdered." There would have been riots in the streets then.
Can somebody with access to a full news text search run "brutally murdered" as a percentage of "murdered"?
"Execution style killing"

Never understood that one.
Locking someone in your basement and subjecting them to days of horror movie inspired torture before killing them is a brutal murder.

A clean sniper shot to the head from 200 yards away is, by comparison, less brutal.

Nobody is gonna say it, eh?

“Brutally murdered” should be brutally murdered.

Perhaps, but the sniper shot is indeed still brutal.

I freaking love semantic debates with no objective elements that allow for either party to sufficiently prove their point. I really should've majored in philosophy.
The Stranger brutally murders enough cliches on an average day. What's all the fuss about this one?
Brute animals would never do the worst things we do. It takes a human to execute a calculated and well-justified murder.

But we blame it on brutality because we don't want to own it.
Alright,to understand the term "brutally murdered" ,let's talk about DEATH and i will explain a few things about it. The human body is a frail and weak vessel and their are many ways to die...One is a natural or "Act of God" death (such as electricution,a boulder crushing you or sinking in lava) another is "accidental" (such as slipping off the edge of a bridge or cliff) and there is "suicide" (killing oneself intentionally),but when it comes to being "brutally murdered",i will explain the terms: Being "brutally murdered" means obviously that the murder was "brutal" to those who witnessed for example: Say as a murderer,i decide to kill Dan savage,the editor, right out in public,i would rip his guts out,smash his skull,and paint the sidewalks and my clothes red with his blood while everyone would be horrified and in shock,then i would cut off his head and mail it to the stranger paper right in front of everyone to witness it in horror and,you understand what BRUTALLY MURDERED means? It means the murder was "brutal" or the murder scene was "brutal" when witnesses see it! of course,i have no intentions of harming anyone since they do it to themselves and was just using him as a example,this ISN'T a death threat or anything like just wanted to throw in my opinion on this...have a good day!
And why is "daylight" always "broad"? Why isn't there "broad nightlight"? Or "narrow daylight"?
I get in high dudgeon when people say "podium" when what they are talking about is someone standing behind a lectern. DAMNIT!

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