Seems a bit hypocritical.
I'd love to have The Stranger interview Blaire White about issues related to the transgendered community.
@1: "the fact that some people who say they are trans are just drama queens desperate for attention"

If that was the case, why give them their own panel for which to hoard and perpetuate such "attention"?
As with any surgery, especially cosmetic ones, it shouldn't be treated like a Botched TV reality show. I know a woman who found out some of our co-workers were getting "free" top surgery with their own health insurance (not through our employer's insurance). Now she's falling all over herself trying to get one as fast as possible, no matter how much it costs. Surgery is serious business and it shouldn't be something anyone should be in any hurry to get because it's not exactly reversible, the breasts would never be able to be put back exactly the same way again anyway.
I can't help but think about the straight haters who feel that legalizing gay marriage somehow diminishes their straight marriage. It appears that some who have transitioned feel threatened by the idea that some other people who have transitioned later realize that they are not actually trans. Perhaps they feel that it gives the anti-trans haters ammunition.
One would hope that our medical system would put safeguards in place to prevent this, but at the time of transitioning, it may have truly seemed the right thing to doโ€”just as later, de-transitioning may seem to be the right thing to do. Perhaps going to Thailand for the surgery bypasses some of these safeguards.

This is not like allowing ex-gay activists to have a seat at the gay pride table. Ex-gays are those who can't deal with the pressure society and religion put on them to conform to straight normality. I suspect that trans folk have already set aside any societal pressure. Those who wish to de-transition then feel pressure from within the trans community not to change.
@9: I am just amazed that there are still regulars here that still take you seriously.

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