I voted yes and made sure all my family did too. It's embarrassing it's taken this long and is having to be done in such a round-about way.
It took Australians a ton of time, lots of campaigning, and as a straight ally- could not have come soon enough. Straight people turned out in droves, rallied, discussed with neighbours, wrote Facebook posts, had 'Vote Yes' on their profile pictures, Twittered, and generally gave No voters a hard time. We took videos of our treks to the post-box, shared them and shamed lazy non-voters. We loved and supported our LGBTQI friends, children and neighbours. I am so proud and happy today. Australia is a fair and decent nation, despite the religious right, and voted overwhelmingly for equal human rights for all. We are all celebrating here- lets not spoil it!
Yay and good luck Australia!
Congrats, Australia!
Congratulations, Australia! Can't wait to visit.
Yeah Australia..
They can't do the no cooking cakes routine Dan because we have anti discrimination laws. As our Attorney General said, if it's against the law to discriminate against one gay person, same goes for two.
Oh, FFS, is The Stranger so dedicated to its trope of mindless (and endless) snark that it can't celebrate a bit of good news in an otherwise bleak year? Congratulations, Australia!
Wasn't so long ago in WA, so let's nobody get snippy, okay. Congrats, Australians.
Things&Stuff @ 9 is up to something. From what I gather much of Australia is Eastern Washington, yet they still got it right.
Back in 2012 results in Washington state were 54%-46% in favor, while Australia showed a 61% support.
Just for a reference, that year we also legalized marijuana by a slightly higher margin, 55.7%-44.3%.
One of the kids was in an east coast college at the time and reported being a campus celebrity for a week or so due to both.
Thank you @2 and @3 for working to spread marriage equality! As you all might* say, I’m off to give my tradie mate a celebratory pash mash and a ripper rooting.

* would never

Very good news but not great news yet, unfortunately. This is a non-binding vote.
Australians have always seemed like such cool people, and this just adds to that impression.
And a day later they even qualified for the world cup. I'm sure Lava is heading to Russia next summer to cheer for the team.
Humanity wins! Way to go Aussies.
Soccer CMD, nah, though I'm proud the guys won.
You're right Dan, these left wing politicians are sneaking about trying to tag things onto the marriage equality bill. More resistance required. Fuckers.

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