Any idea why all of the songs in Texas are about the devil?

Exploded animals everywhere, devil tunes, Texas.


I enjoyed this.


@2 "when"?


I was hoping it was gonna turn out his wife was a fugitive on the lam for a heinous crime.


I kinda did too actually!


Come on... Connecticut is more beautiful than New Jersey? Gimme a break.


There she was, five feet, one inches tall,
just under 300 lbs, nearly as wide as she
was tall and holding that sign like the
battle axe she was.

It was Love, instantly.

I knew there'd be trouble when I realized Wife

2 had never asked me to remove said sign,

when she'd 'accidentally' wandered onto The Property
some 6 short years ago (one never knows when
Differences in a marriage might occur, so it seemed
reasonable to just leave the thing up -- in hindsight,
this was, indeed, a very poor 'decision').

It looked as though the pecking order was
over-due for a shuffle, and that even my
place atop it was likely in Jeopardy.

Hi, Honey, I said, welcome home, and
walked over to make her acquaintance.


@1 It must be the heat.


While driving in the wilds of Oregon, I've always enjoyed listening to wackadoo evangelist "Bible teacher" Harold Camping ...on his Open Forum show, many times he predicted the exact date of The Rapture. When it didn't happen, it was hilarious to hear how he rationalized his bizarre hocus pocus dominocus...


I know exactly where that sign is. Been up there for a number of years.


Wait -- Katie -- you're a fellow Kitsappalachian now? Have you been issued your obligatory banjo and shotgun yet? How many raccoons have you sniped from a porch-bound rocking chair?


Bible radio? Listen to Canadian radio out here. Victoria has great stations and you also get a good sampling of French-Canadian country music.



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