Little Boots

Let us bask in the glow of Little Boots.

Little Boots is from Blackpool, England.

She used to be in a band called Dead Disco.

She cuts right in the line of the new millennium's beyond-the-call-of-duty female popstars that includes Annie, Ladyhawke, Parralox, Roisin Murphy, and might be, if we're lucky, able to stand tall next to Robyn, Lily Allen, or Siobhan Donaghy.

Look! Horses! Space!

There isn't much music out there yet, but let's go assume-a-lot.

Let's assume Little Boots, a.k.a. Victoria Hesketh, is as good as she already sounds. Judging by her delicate and lush voice, which comes across as both assured and on the edge of hard luck, and the way it attaches itself to the slow, swirling, locked-in-a-Moroder-hole that is "Stuck On Repeat," the flared-out, acid-blessed little anthem that is "Every Little Earthquake," and the undeniably and absolutely and unpredictably remarkable "Meddle," well, her pop instincts could stomp out cities.

Let's assume she's named after Nat Cassidy's play about Christopher Marlowe and Caligua, "The Reckoning Of Kit & Little Boots".

Let's assume that it's true that her singles come with fantasy-art sticker tattoos.

Let's also assume that her bedroom YouTube covers of Wiley, Human League, Haddaway, Planet Perfecto, Girls Aloud, Estelle, Miley Cyrus, Hot Chip, happy hardcore, and Alphabeat show that she doesn't care what you think.

But most of all, let's assume she's not hiding a debut album of dire, mid-paced, excitement-killing — quote-fingers! — mature songs, throwing it all away already.

Popjustice writes, "Little Boots is a totally bullet-proof 21st century popstar. This is Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys all in one person."

Little Boots is, in other words, a single girl's celebration of pop. Modern but not pretentious. Sophisticated but not snide. Fantastic in a bright, talented, left-field, sometimes ridiculous, and promisingly unique sort of way.

Little Boots wants us to believe that she will never let us down.

Little Boots can make pop a better place.

Little Boots says, "Fun Is The New Cool".

100% fan-crush.