cab_sflier.jpgWell, it'll be Botch songs played by members of Kane Hodder and Schoolyard Heroes.

There will also be tributes to Kiss, Jawbreaker, Suicidal Tendencies, the Misfits, and Thin Lizzy played by members of bands like 3 Inches of Blood, Sunday Night Blackout, Furious Styles, and Mos Generator.

The show was put together by Chris Cab, the bacon-loving, music geek about town. He recently turned the big 3-0, so he convinced his musically-inclined friends to pretend to be his all-time favorite bands for one night only in his honor. Hell of a way to enter a new decade, I'd say.

The show's at El Corazon, starts at 10 pm, and costs $5 at the door. I CAN NOT WAIT for the Botch set. If anyone's gonna make sure to do 'em justice, it's the fanboys in Kane Hodder.