City prosecutors have filed charges against three members of Mad Rad for an altercation at Neumos on January 11th.

According to a police report, officers were called to the club around 3 AM to deal with a disturbance.

When police arrived, the report says, Neumos security staff had Ty Finnan and Nathan Quiroga—who perform under the names Darwin and Buffalo Madonna—pinned to the ground.

Neumos security staff told officers that Finnan and Quiroga had been removed from the club and had repeatedly tried to reenter. Each time, the report says, Finnan and Quiroga had been turned away until security staff were forced to "physically restrain them" from entering the venue.

When things got physical, the report says Finnan and Quiroga took one of the bouncers to the ground and began hitting him with their fists and elbows, gashing the security guard's left cheek.

After police took Finnan and Quiroga in to custody outside the bar, officers told another member of Mad Rad who was at the scene—Peter Robinson, who performs under the name P Smoov—to leave.

The report says Robinson was "extremely intoxicated" and refused to leave. When an officer attempted to escort Robinson to his patrol car, Robinson "went limp and refused to walk."

Officers were able to get Robinson to the hood of a patrol car, but eventually had to put him on the ground and handcuff him to keep him from moving, the report says.

All three men were arrested and spent the night in King County Jail.

Finnan and Quiroga have been charged with assault while Robinson has apparently entered a pretrial diversion program to avoid obstruction and trespassing charges.

Things aren't looking good for Mad Rad right now. They've apparently been banned from Neumos, Chop Suey and the Showbox, and according to another club security staff member, Mad Rad may have also been banned from King Cobra and Havana. The group may also no longer be playing the Obama Inauguration show at the War Room next week, although the War Room's website still lists them on the bill.

Management at the clubs could not be reached for confirmation.