When Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1 announced suddenly last week that it was pulling the plug on its terrestrial operations, I had only one genuine concern: What will become of Rollins' "Harmony in My Head" show? I could give a rat's ass about the rest of their programming, but I love Henry's broadcasts, and have dog-eared my copies of the three volumes of Fanatic, which compile and annotate his play lists.

Rollins was en route back from Africa when the news about Indie 103 broke. But yesterday, he got around to posting his thoughts on his blog. And even though I thought the new Indie 103 was dispensing with celebrity deejays and specialty shows, Rollins indicates otherwise, and even seems optimistic:

Engineer X... said that there’s no commercials so I can put a lot more music into the show. Since we’re no longer on terrestrial radio, I don’t have to worry about language in the songs so now I can just pick out music to play and not have to worry about getting the station in trouble. So far, I have put three shows together in this new format and I am really liking what I am getting out of it. As much as I will miss being on the radio, there’s something really cool and actually, much closer to what I think is the real idea of the show by doing it online. It’s more of an underground thing that excites me very much. Maybe the show should have always been like this.

Of all the folks I never expected to find a silver lining in this debacle. Go figure. Maybe I'll be tuning into the new incarnation of Indie 103 after all.