16 Bit - 'In The Death Car'

Overboard alert.

A couple of weeks ago, 16 Bit released their debut EP In The Death Car on Boka Records.

It popped up out of the blue, at least for us, as we had never heard from them before. Turns out that 16 Bit is a collaboration only six months old between West London's DRT and Kidnappa, who have been putting on some temperature-checking early sets around the world and getting their dubplates spun out by some of the scene's names like Chef and Rusko.

But one track on the EP, "Chainsaw Calligraphy", is unbelievable.

It's the year's first audio attack. A mental breakdown. Within three minutes, 16 Bit have managed to make one of the nastiest and most wrong-headed, ridiculously jilted, volcanic, and unstable experiments with malicious dubstep to date.


At first, it heads nowhere Caspa or The Joker haven't gone before — loud and populist, pissing off the purists — with its sound-gaps and bassbin-mauling schemes. But it soon mangles itself into unpredictable and disturbing mood-shifts as it both draws out its mainline chainsaw samples to an Andy Kaufman anti-audience degree and decides that what our lives need is a novel, stomach-lurching, lobotomized stutter-effect shredded to specks all over the place, the equivalent of wrapping a lattice of old film around your face and watching it burn.

The live footage of it is also special. Particularly when one of the viewers writes, along the lines our latest pet-peeve, "Who puts out the cam, during THAT track!!????"

Binge on this sick filth.

[Full Tokyo Mix Download]