ddbc/1238972323-tullycraft1.jpgLast night's Three Imaginary Girls' Top of the Croc party was the first time I had seen the new Crocodile since it opened its doors in March. My first impression: It felt a lot like a fictional rock club built for a teen movie. It's just too perfect.

I think it's the combination of everything—the newness of the space (it still smells like paint), the perfect and polished feel of the stage area (high, carpeted stage framed by dark curtains and totally pro light rigs), and the fact that there was not a single poster, flier, piece or art, or tag anywhere on the walls of the showroom. It felt... fake. But I didn't hate it! It just felt new. It felt big. It felt nothing at all like the old space and I guess that's sorta the point, so well done you, Crocodile. (Now will someone please hang something up on the goddamn wall?)

More notable than my thoughts on the new Croc, though, is the fact that last night's show was also the last show local pop-quintet Tullycraft will ever (supposedly) play in Seattle. I know, right? Until now, they had kept the news sorta quiet so as to not make a big deal about it. The band isn't breaking up completely, they're just breaking up with shows. While they'll continue to play music—write new songs and probably even release records—they're just not going to play live anymore. Which is a bummer, because they're a lot of fun live! In fact, I prefer them live to on record.e69b/1238972530-tullycraft2.jpg

So when singer Sean Tollefson said "This is our last song..." and then thanked the crowd, again, for all their support, everyone in the room cheered and exchanged bittersweet smiles with one another before bouncing and bopping and signing along with the band one last time.

Just as Spring comes in, the most sonically appropriate band for the new season exits. So in celebration of Tullycraft (and this weather), here are a few jams from their website. Listen, dance, and maybe even hope that after awhile, the band will miss playing live and give it another whirl:

Tullycraft - "Rebel With the Gang Debs"

Tullycraft - "Glitter & Twangs"

Tullycraft - "Stowaway"

Photos by Robby via Flickr.