Wavves - "So Bored"

One-man-band (two-man-band while on tour) Wavves play the Funhouse tonight with Vampire Hands, the Cold Cold Ground, and Broken Knives. In this week's music section, Eric Grandy talked to Wavves' Nathan Williams about his songs and his haters:

Another thing Williams is tiring of is a few recurring interview questions, specifically ones about his extra v's, "lo-fi," and the recent shit talk heaped upon him by another noisy indie-rock band, which accused Wavves (along with Vivian Girls) of being lo-fi "poseurs," going so far as to make "Wavves Suxx" T-shirts at SXSW (which I originally figured Wavves must have made themselves on a kind of Sub Pop "Loser" tip).

"Oh yeah, we saw the T-shirts," Williams sighs. "Yeah, I don't know what their deal is. People will say what they will, so it is what it is. Every interview that I've done since then has asked this question, so it's exactly what they wanted, I'm sure. In fact, if you don't want to mention them at all, that would be cool, too."

The Budos Band live

The Budos Band
The Budos Band is 12 people who all lock into sync with the military precision of James Brown and Fela Kuti's tightest '60s and '70s ensembles. Like those sprawling units, these Daptone recording artists possess an innate feel for the deepest funk rhythms and the most rousing Afrobeat arrangements. Because they use no vocals, the onus is on the Budos Band's instrumental prowess. This is primal, percussion-heavy music that'll make your soul sweat. (Neumos, 925 E Pike St, 709-9467. 7 pm, $13, 21+.) DAVE SEGAL

The Roots - "Rising Down"

The Roots
(Paramount) Enough critics have bemoaned the overlooking/underrating of the Roots' impeccable 2008 release Rising Down that it's almost earned the reputation it deserves. Over no-nonsense beats incorporating a Dälek-lite industrial buzz, the Roots-plus-guests—including Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, and hot Seinfeld-sampler Wale—created a unified world of state-of-the-art hiphop, Roots-style (which means witty but never funny, horny but never sexy, and political almost always). Is it this lack of jokes and sex that makes the Roots sometimes feel like the bran muffins of rap? Probably, but let the record show that the Roots' refusal to dabble in comedy means that, on Rising Down, even the skits are revelatory. Tonight the Best Live Hiphop Act in the World™ takes over the Paramount, leaving Jimmy Fallon in the unfunny dust. DAVID SCHMADER

Joshua Redman Trio live

Joshua Redman Trio
(Jazz Alley) In the movie To Sleep with Anger, the villain, Harry (Danny Glover), says to a young man he holds in an evil spell: "I like my blues with just one man and his guitar." I bring this up because I feel something similar about jazz—for the best results, the least that is needed is three players (usually piano, bass, drums) and the most four (sax, piano, bass, drums). Five is too many and two too few. It is for this very reason that the saxophonist Joshua Redman's most recent work, Compass, is successful: It's built around the standard trio model. Redman is also currently touring with just a drummer and a bass player, and though my favorite trio combination is led by a piano, with Redman on the sax we can expect excellent results from one of the two best of all jazz combinations. CHARLES MUDEDE

Also! Before you head out to any shows tonight, stop by the Blue Moon in the U-District for Slog Happy! They've got $2.50 wells, and if you come to Slog Happy the Blue Moon says you can get in to tonight's show for FREE (gotta pay $5 otherwise). Wah Wah Exit Wound and Emeralds are playing, it starts around 9 pm.

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