Handsome Furs opened their set at Neumos last night with "Legal Tender," an awesome eleectronic blues song and one of the best from their latest album, Face Control. Then they played "Hotel Arabat Blues," another of the ablum's best songs, and it was a hell of a one-two punch. I joked to a buddy that they were gonna need to slow things down a little for the next one (here I was imagining, I guess, John Cusack in High Fidelity dispensing sage mixtape sequencing advice). But then they just kept frontloading the fuck out their set, playing the awesome, New Order-lifting "All We Want, Baby, is Everything" next. They played "I'm Confused" fourth, thus running through like my four favorite songs of theirs all in a row, all right away. I could have gone home happy right then. In fact, it seemed like they were going to have a tought time following that stretch, but they kept it up somehow, at least enough so that my notes became increasingly illegible.

The husband and wife duo tore themselves up onstage, jerking around, guitarist/singer Dan Boeckner staggering to and from the mic, Alexei Perry pounding on her keyboard and windmilling her free arm in the air. It was a perfectly kinetic complement to the band's heavy heart-pounding songs. After their first song, Perry noted, "Dan poured a drink on my keyboard, so some of my keys don't work," and that she "broke the straps on this jumpsuit" she was wearing, necessitating the occasional mid-jerking back and forth adjustment. Later she said, "This next song is about having sex," and when the typically calm Seattle crowd didn't cheer she added, "What, you guys don't like sex?" This elicited some more cheering. At the end of their set (or maybe the end of the encore) they kind of collided into each other, stumbling exhausted, and kissed before walking off the stage arm in arm.