Local pop-punk legends Sicko have been disbanded for about a decade now, but Red Scare is making sure their music lives on—the label has recently re-released digital versions of their four full-length albums You Can Feel the Love in This Room, Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy, Chef Boy R U Dum, and You Are Not the Boss of Me!.

Perfect timing too, because the Rain City Mix Tape Club is meeting this Sunday at Havana and the theme is "Nerdy Songs" and there isn't a band in the world that's nerdier than Sicko. I'm still trying to decide which song of theirs is gonna make it on my mix—"Computer Geek," or "Dateless Losers"? Decisions decisions.

Here are some free MP3s, courtesy of

"Where I Live"


"Farm Song"

You can buy all the albums via iTunes (Chef and You Can Feel... are my two favorites, for what it's worth).