The new Chinese Stars album, Heaven on Speed Dial (out Oct. 13 on Anchor Brain Records), is a hot mess: spiky, strident, spazzy rock in a thrillingly irritable condition. (They really should go on tour with Seattle's Past Lives.) Check out "Rabbit Face" from that album here. The Providence, Rhode Island-based Chinese Stars consist of ex-Arab on Radar members Craig Kureck and Eric Paul, Paul Vieira, and V. Von Ricci.

Press release after the cut.

Photo from Chinese Stars' MySpace.

Not a single member of The Chinese Stars has ever spent a day with clean hands. The highs and lows of rock'n'roll can only be properly delivered with dirty hands. On the Chinese Stars’ third full-length release, "Heaven on Speed Dial", the band delivers their own brand of rock'n'roll justice with hands and instruments that were just fished out of a downtown city sewer.

The band features Craig Kureck and Eric Paul formerly of Arab on Radar, a band that took the piss-dosed torch from Six Finger Satellite and further coated the world with their own blend of animalistic pheromones. The pair are joined by Paul Vieira, whose wild and untamed playing on the band’s previous records - "Listen to Your Left Brain" and "A Rare Sensation" (Three One G) - burrowed The Chinese Stars' music into thousands of unwilling brains around the world. V. Von Ricci, the local experimental music pioneer of the Providence band Mahi Mahi, is the newest member of The Chinese Stars and has no trouble adding his own flavor to the madness.

The Chinese Stars will release "Heaven on Speed Dial" with Anchor Brain on October 13, 2009. Anchor Brain is a new record label whose goal is to utilize fresh marketing ideas to bring international attention to the many amazing and unique bands originating in Providence, Rhode Island. Plans include replacing obsolete compact discs with limited-edition silkscreened posters that come complete with a download code for the record. The label will also release limited-edition silk screened LPs, subscription-only unreleased tracks, and will have worldwide digital distribution.

"Heaven on Speed Dial" turns out dance music for white padded cells, themes from porno films yet to be made, lyrical groans from dark checkerboard floors, glow-in-the-dark rhythms and fierce undomesticated guitar thrashings. This record is filthy and raw.