• Lisa Cloutier
Seattle band Tea Cozies are undeniable. Sly with garage tendencies of rock and pop, their Noir fire, she to she vocals make Twister mat anthems. Guitar-synth smarts see the scooter mow down the 18-wheeler road hog. The combo of Jessi Reed and Brady Harvey is a pillow fight gone right. A catchy-catch pair of dashing choose your own adventure vigor.

Tea Cozies: “Boys at the Metro”

Choose your own adventure, as in:

- If you think the marks are worth trying to decode, turn to pg. 23
- If you reject Silas’s advice, and continue on, ignoring the voice, turn to pg. 32
- If you go straight to Prague, turn to pg. 38
- If you hide behind the curtain and wait, turn to page 46

I met Tea Cozies at a lodge, in the study, and we sat on a seven by seven foot ottoman:

Where did you record “Boys at the Metro? With who?
We recorded it at MRX with Blood. Erik Blood. We ate lots of Taco Del Mar that day I'm sure since that's what we eat every day. Erik was probably chain-smoking while playing the tambourine and looking important.

Talk about the sounds in the song.
The vocals are minimal and shouty with some mega phone. Drums and bass were recorded to tape and then dumped into Pro Tools. Erik made them sound pretty huge and evil. The guitars have delay and reverb with some crunchy distortion. They're on opposing beats to symbolize our constant inner-band battle for guitar solo supremacy. All of us hand clapped throughout, except Jeff (Anderson). It was a real team building experience.

What influenced the song?
Wine? The lyrics were all haikus at one point until we forgot about that and just started hating on Spielberg. Drunk people like it.

What’s the song about?

What was the hardest part about recording it?
The length of it. Due to the handclapping required.

If you were about to be mauled by a water buffalo, what would you do?
We would look it in the eye and tell it that it's beautiful. Then it would maul us passionately.

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
A gnome, so we could be tiny and ride foxes.

Talk about the basement where you all rehearse.
We just moved in to this new place and it’s probably haunted. The house came with a framed picture of bamboo and tons of science books about leaves and earthquake statistics and medical journals. We think it’s probably the former abode of a hermit professor. The basement is huge with really low ceilings. No jumping for joy allowed.

How do you soundproof it?
We used the science books.

How does it smell down there?
Like mildew and knowledge.

Do you get complaints from the neighbors?
They haven't talked to us yet but one of them smiled at me when I locked myself out. In our last house we used to get passive aggressive notes on our doorstep about our "alternative schedules" and how other people "had studying to do."

Is the basement really creepy, or just partially creepy?
It's really partially creepy.

Whats coming up for Tea Cozies?
We're playing a secret haunted house party in March and a SXSW kickoff here in Seattle at the new Hard Rock on March 3rd. We’re mainly working on stuff for our new album. Email us for details about the ghost party if you like.