Come Back To Daddy!
  • Come Back To Daddy!

A series of mysterious short music videos have popped up over the last month on YouTube that have lead people to hypothesize who is responsible for the music. Some have suggested it is the solo work of Trent Reznor. Others believe Goldfrapp is behind it. Others even think it's Lady Gaga. While the all three aren't completely off-the-cuff, I firmly believe this very well could be the product of one of electronic music's most gifted and shrouded geniuses: Aphex Twin.

Stylistically, the music heard on these videos is not as abstract and glitchy as your typical Aphex Twin/AFX/Polygon Window song. Nor does it contain the same tonalities of his Selected Ambient Works. In fact, the lucid, liquid grind I hear is more in the vein of his Warp labelmates Boards of Canada and Leila.

So why do I think it's still Aphex Twin?

1) Aside from the Analord 12" series, 26 Mixes For Cash, and reissues from his early techno days, Richard D. James has not put out a proper full-length studio album under his own Aphex Twin moniker since 2001's heady drukqs. That's 9 years, people who don't know math!

He has proven himself to be very chameleon-like over the years, adapting to changes, and slightly mellowing his hyperactive melodies in favor those that are much more graceful (The beautiful, piano solo of "Avril 14th" on drukqs is a prime example of this.)

3) The videos' dark haunting visuals practically scream the name of Aphex Twin's go-to video director Chris Cunningham. (Yep, still weird and beautiful!)

4) Aphex Twin has always had fucked up song titles, the most recent found on the Analord series (which were said to be the names of computer viruses to thwart hackers.) All the songs below are titled numerically, as though they are all fantasy IP numbers. Nerdy!

5) Other electronic musicians are bringing more voice into the fold these days, like Warp labelmate Flying Lotus (who has Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu on his forthcoming Cosmogramma, though they are both still pretty deep in the mix). Three of the songs below contain a woman's voice, which doesn't completely rule out Goldfrapp. But if Aphex were wise, he would use voice (even Goldfrapp perhaps?) It sounds as gorgeously mysterious as the music he has always made.

Hell, maybe we could all be wrong about these videos, which could have been done by some mysterious nobody hoping to cause some fraudulent viral video sensation. Hello Daft Punk!

What do you think? Watch the videos in order: