On his Nocturnal Research blog, San Francisco writer Jeff Wagner recently posted a nice tribute on a short-lived zine my brother Michael, SF Bay Guardian journalist Johnny Ray Huston, and I published 20+ years ago.

Named after Orange Juice's You Can't Hide Your Love Forever LP, the zine—which existed from 1988-1990)—chronicled our mad love affairs with shoegaze, noise rock, acid house, baggy/Madchester shiz, and other, mostly Anglo strains of underground rock. (RIP, the electric typewriter we used to tap out our copy.)

We were essentially putting our over-heated, Midwestern-American (straight outta Southfield, Michigan, yo) spin on the sort of music championed by Melody Maker scribes like Simon Reynolds, David Stubbs, and Chris Roberts. Most of it isn't too embarrassing to read, even in 2010.

I still have about a few spare copies of issue 4 (the final edition) in my closet. Let me know if you want one. I drive a soft bargain.