[Most Uplifting Songs Ever (aka MUSE) is a recurring Line Out feature that spotlights the tunes on which I can rely to elevate my mood (with no negative side effects), no matter how oppressive my deadlines, no matter how grim the news is, no matter how lousy the weather, no matter how severely the publishing industry continues to collapse (okay, maybe they can't ameliorate that last one). You may feel the same way about them.]

I'm under serious deadline pressure today, so I'm playing "Quadrant 4" by legendary jazz-fusion drummer dynamo Billy Cobham; this track never fails to kick my ass into high gear. Guitarist Tommy Bolin (21 at the time of this recording!) also lights an inferno under your ass with his speedy, rococo riffing, spurring you to work superhumanly fast on whatever task is at hand—or foot. (Eric, I swear I'll get that feature to you ASAP.)